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Stay Close

2019 | Directed by Luther Clement and Shuhan Fan

The underdog story of a young African American fencer from Brooklyn who overcomes a gauntlet of hardships on the road to the Olympics.

92nd Academy Awards (Documentary Short Form) Shortlist

2016 Tribeca Film Institute ESPN Short Documentary Program
2019 Sundance Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Cleveland International Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Palm Springs International ShortFest - Official Selection
2019 AFI DOCS Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Indy Shorts International Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Durban International Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Rooftop Films - New York Nonfiction Prize - Winner
2019 Crested Butte Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Victory International Film Festival - Best Animated Film - Winner
2019 Milwaukee Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Chicago International Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 St. Louis International Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 Philadelphia Film Festival - Official Selection
2019 New York Times Op-Docs - Streaming Premiere
2019 Cinema Eye Honors - Outstanding Non-Fiction Short - Nominee
2019 SF Doc Stories - Official Selection
2019 DOC NYC - Short List: Shorts – Directing Award - Winner 2020 PBS - POV Shorts – Broadcast Premiere


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La Bonga

In Production | With Gabriella Garcia-Pardo
Directed by Sebastián Pinzón-Silva

Nearly twenty years after fleeing the violence of civil war, a displaced community embarks on a symbolic journey through the jungles of northern Colombia to resurrect a home that exists only in their memory.

Supported by
Sundance Documentary Film Program
Catapult Film Fund
Kartemquin Films
New Orleans Film Society
NALIP - National Association of Latin Independent Producers


Dia de la Madre

2020 | Directed by Ashley Brandon and Dennis Höhne

A band of juveniles embark on a 24-hour spree of breaking into houses and causing a ruckus.

2020 Sundance Film Festival
2020 SXSW Film Festival - Special Jury Recognition
2020 Big Sky Film Festival 
2020 Oxford Film Festival 
2020 Hot Docs Film Festival 
2020 REGARD International Film Festival 
2020 Atlanta Film Festival 
2020 Athens Film Festival
2020 Aspen Shorts Fest 
2020 Montclair Film Festival – Official Selection
2020 Nevertheless Film Festival – Official Selection
2020 San Francisco International Film Festival  – Official Selection



2018 | With Wu Qihui
Directed by Iyabo Kwayana 

Students near the Shaolin temple engaged in 
a simple yet rigorous exercise of rehearsal.

2018 Visions du Réel 
2018 AFI Docs 
2018 Chicago Underground Film Festival 
2018 AricaDocs (Chile) 
2018 Camden International Film Festival 
2018 Tacoma Film Festival 
2018 Shint Worldwide Short Film Festival
2018 San Diego Asian Film Festival 
2019 London Short Film Festival - Best Short Film - Nominee
2019 Blackstar Film Festival - Best Short Documentary - Nominee
2019 Museum of the Moving Image 
2019 Fargo Film Festival 
2019 Las Palmas de Gran (Spain) 
2019 Salem Film Festival
2019 Indie Grits Film Festival - Helen Hill Jury Award - Winner
2019 Concorto FF (Italy) 
2019 New Orleans Film Festival 
2019 Bushwick Film Festival 


The Reversal

2020 | Directed by Jennifer Boles

At the turn of the 19th century, the city of Chicago razed a continental divide and reversed its namesake river in the name of progress, forever linking it to the Illinois and Mississippi watersheds.

The Reversal animates thousands of archival photographs with an original soundscape composition to experience the formation of our contemporary planetary crisis through the invisible infrastructural history of an urban river.

2020 AmDocs Film Festival - Official Selection
2020 Chicago International Film Festival - Official Selection
2020 Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festiva - Official Selection
2020 DOXA Documentary Film Festival- Official Selection
2020 Antimatter Media Art- Official Selection
2020 ULTRAcinema- Official Selection
2020 Athens Film and Video Festival- Official Selection
2020 Chicago Underground Film Festival- Official Selection