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2018 | With Wu Qihui
Directed by Iyabo Kwayana 

Students near the Shaolin temple engaged in 
a simple yet rigorous exercise of rehearsal.

2018 Visions du Réel 
2018 AFI Docs 
2018 Chicago Underground Film Festival 
2018 AricaDocs (Chile) 
2018 Camden International Film Festival 
2018 Tacoma Film Festival 
2018 Shint Worldwide Short Film Festival
2018 San Diego Asian Film Festival 
2019 London Short Film Festival - Best Short Film - Nominee
2019 Blackstar Film Festival - Best Short Documentary - Nominee
2019 Museum of the Moving Image 
2019 Fargo Film Festival 
2019 Las Palmas de Gran (Spain) 
2019 Salem Film Festival
2019 Indie Grits Film Festival - Helen Hill Jury Award - Winner
2019 Concorto FF (Italy) 
2019 New Orleans Film Festival 
2019 Bushwick Film Festival 


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